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River Mouth Stations

Inland Monitoring Stations

Selected river systems discharging to the Manila Bay Region(4a,3,NCR) are monitored to determine their compliance according to the water quality guidelines. more >>

Offshore Monitoring

Nine stations Baywide in the Manila Bay were monitored for DO, pH, Salinity, Temperature, Conductivity and Total Suspended Solids. more >>

Laguna Lake Stations

Laguna de Bay, with a total surface area of 900 square kilometres, is the biggest lake and one of the most important inland bodies of water in the Philippines. more >>

Bathing Beaches Stations

To determine pathogens contamination of bathing beaches in Manila Bay Region. 19 stations were monitored for total and fecal coliform count. more >>

River Mouth Stations

Outfall water bodies/estero and creeks draining into Manila Bay were monitored to determine the pollution load being discharge by the outfalls into the Manila Bay. more >>

Laguna Lake Tributaries

Twenty-one (21) major tributary river systems flow into the lake aside from other relatively small rivers and streams. more >>

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring aims to update and sustain the awareness of the general public
on water quality management issues with the end goal of advancing muti sectional support to
improve the quality of waterways.


Surveyed and Monitored Establishment information System.

One of the objective under the pollution reduction issue of the OPMBCS is to reduce by 50% the discharge of raw sewage, septage and untreated and inadequately treated wastewater for commercial / industrial establishment by 2017. Industries with and without discharged permit are monitored to determine the number of establishment complying with the effluent standards.


Informal Settler Families - Information System.

To achieve goal of permanently removing of ISFs and illegal structures, one of the OPMBCS priorities is the identification and mapping of the households, structures, and encroachments along waterways. Compliance to RA 7279 and UDHA as well as implementation and preparation of RRAPs are also being monitored for the said goal.

Rver System

River System within the Manila Bay.

Detailed geographical river information within the Manila Bay.

Reclamation Corner

Reclamation Project with filed Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Application with Enviromental Impact Assessmet.