To determined the pathogens contamination of bathing beaches in Manila Bay Regions.

Bathing Beaches

Interactive Map 1.

Data derived from the monitoring showed that stations failed the SB criteria for Fecal Coliform of 100 mpn/100 ml. Other parameters such as DO, pH, total suspended solids, Temperature, NH3, Color, NO3-N and PO4-P are also monitored. Thirteen (13) stations conformed to the DO criteria of 6 mg/L while thirteen (13) stations passed the criteria for pH. For TSS, ten (10) Stations conformed the criteria of 50 mg/L.

High levels of pathogens may result from on - site sanitation systems (septic tanks, pit latrines) or inadequately treated sewage discharges, in some areas, combined sewers which may discharge untreated sewage during rain storms. Pathogen discharges may also be caused by poorly managed livestock operations. Coliform bacteria, which are not an actual case of disease, are commonly used as a bacterial indicator of water pollution.